My first post!

Hello! I’m having my first go at this whole blogging thing, so welcome to the madness. I don’t have a specific plan as to what this blog will be about, hence the name, but you can generally expect topics to include; cars, woodworking, baseball hot takes, tech, airplanes, Science and Maths and probably a few other topics that will invariably pop up along the way. I will strive to produce a quality piece of writing, hopefully with some regularity, that should bring much merriment and rejoice. Feel free to comment, I probably won’t reply because Internet, but please, do let yourself be heard.

I think for my first post, I want to talk about car modification. I added a new short ram intake to my Boy Racer Zed this evening and I have to say, initial impressions are quite good. The manufacturer claims that it will add about 7bhp(brake horsepower) to my already monster 170bhp, but I highly doubt that. I didn’t do the modification to increase power in the first place, I’m happy with how the car carries on, I just wanted some mad Choo-Choo noise.  This is a concept that very few people will understand. Why spend good money to invalidate your warranty, and not even make any more power? It’s a fair question. My personal belief is that, while power is a good thing, it doesn’t always need to be the goal. I think that with the Subayota, the car is set up in such fashion that joy can be wrung from its Japanese loins directly off the dealer’s lot. So why do anything to remove the essence of the car by making it something that it isn’t? Why not amplify the already super duper experience rather than change it outright? Why make Norah Jones sing “Inject the Venom“? It doesn’t work. So what I’ve done then is taken an already brilliant thing and enhanced it a bit. Not universally, most would say what I’ve done is pointless, but for me, I have added a little more punctuation to my driving experience. Not unlike adding a touch of cayenne pepper to your salt and pepper before grilling a delicious Rib-Eye (the best cut of beef by a long shot). I have added a little more bass in the mid range and a little more treble down low. It fits my personal taste and style. I think that is the most important thing one can do in making a car modification, and I think that sense of self is lost in our car mod culture. Rather than creating something special for one’s self, we tend to make “improvements” that will impress other car people. I say, to hell with that! Build or drive what makes you happy. It needn’t be practical, unless thats what blows your skirt up, it doesn’t need to be fast, or even particularly good looking. It should simply bring a little joy to what I’m assuming is a miserable journey to wherever you are going. Mercer or I-5 at 5:15pm Tuesday, should be a tolerable situation in a car that you love. If it isn’t, get off the bus and get yourself something to remind yourself, you’re still alive. Public transportation is the worst.


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