Warning: May contain subtle ambition

What would happen if you were to try something different? Not just, go to a new restaurant or wear a yellow tie to work instead of your normal blue one. Actually, properly, different. Honestly, what’s the worst thing that could happen? Sure, if you don’t take a beat and think first, you could end up dead or as a guest of the Penitentiary Inn for a while, but you could also learn something about the world or at the very least, yourself. I often think about this “do something different” business; usually while I’m doing the exact same thing I did in the days and weeks leading up to the thought, and wonder what my “different” looks like.

I am shaped roughly like a bag of potatoes so yoga pants don’t fit properly…

Lately, I have been batting around the idea of quitting what I have trained for and becoming a “creator.” I don’t know what that means, but there seems to be a mess of them around the internet. Some of them have Lamborghinis, and I quite want one of those. It doesn’t seem that hard, really; I just need some yoga pants, a mountain, a few photos looking away from said mountain while also not looking at the camera, and a lot of peach emojis. Trouble is I don’t like hiking, I am shaped roughly like a bag of potatoes, so yoga pants don’t fit properly, and I would need to find a tripod for my iPhone so I could selfie properly on the mountain I’m not interested in being on in the first place. Honestly, who has the time?

I think instead I’ll try something a little less ambitious. I’m going to test drive an SUV. Yes, I know the last article I wrote was about how the SUV is ruining everything, but I did also say that we should give them a chance. So maybe I’ll do that. The Seattle Auto Show is happening over the next few days, and supposedly Land Rover are bringing some sand and some vehicles for us to play in. Should be a perfect time to test out exactly how a modern SUV will be used by everyday drivers. There should be no queue at all to drive the new Explorer or CR-V around downtown Seattle for a bit, as they were intended.

Maybe I’ll learn something.

Check out the Seattle Auto Show here.

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